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5 Fun and Easy Things to do on a Snow Day!

5 Fun and Easy Things to do on a Snow Day!

If you are reading this on your phone, you are probably stuck in a snowbank somewhere because you tried to get your kids to school this morning! Never fear help is on the way (but not literally, so please call a tow truck.)  Maybe I can’t rescue you from the depths of snowy hell, but I can help you plan some activities that will keep your children busy through the next snow day, and that’s basically the same thing.


Build an Epic Fort

When we were little my brother and I used to make the BEST forts. We would connect some sheets to chairs throw in some pillows and put a fan at the front opening and it was just like being in an air balloon. It was awesome!  So, dig up some extra sheets and pillows, get some clothespins, rope or bag clips as fasteners, and let your children build their own epic fort.  They can literally spend hours doing this especially if they want to start filling their makeshift home with ALL of their favourite things (and they will!) Here’s a video tutorial if you need some ideas.


Have an Indoor Picnic

If my only job in this world it is to remind you that picnics are not just for summer, I will have lived with purpose!

So pull out the picnic basket throw down a blanket and add in all of your favourite foods. If you have time to prep before the impending storm ask your children for their help choosing what is on the menu, otherwise you will need to great creative with whatever is in the pantry. Bonus points if you get the children to help you with baking something as well. You are nailing it! I just love this Parisienne Pique- Nique from Caravan Shoppe


Play School

What kind of crazy mixed up world do we live in where my children beg to stay home from school while simultaneously begging to play school? My world, right here in crazy town. I cannot however deny my children the opportunity to learn, so I roll with it. If you have any flashcards and workbooks lying around the house you have the perfect ingredients for a day of learning disguised as playing.

I like to break the day up into subjects. For English we have Storytime, workbooks to practice our letters and sight word games. I like to reward the children with fruit snacks which keeps them playing for longer. For art class I bring out the paints, which they love! Then we break for recess and they run off to do something else. Class Dismissed!


Bring out the Old Toys or Games

The Barenaked Ladies had it right when they said, “Everything Old is New Again.”  If you have some boxes of old toys or games you were planning to give away or just haven’t used in awhile, bring them on out. That’s a box of memories that you can play with, what could be better than that!

Your children will stay occupied for hours as they discover and reconnect with their old toys and find new exciting adventures to create with old things.  


Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Kind of learning, kind of playing – all sorts of distraction. That’s a win-win folks! An alphabet scavenger hunt is super easy to do. Give each child a little checklist and send them off to find an item in the house that starts with each letter of the alphabet. There is a free printable here for you to get them started.

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