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Party In Place

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Party In Place

20 Ideas for an Isolation Birthday Party

Right now, social distancing means our kids are missing their friends and their routines, but it doesn’t mean they need to miss their birthday party too! Here are 20 special ideas to create a birthday to remember out of a situation we won’t soon forget.

Make it all About Them

Celebrate your little cutie, by really celebrating who they are! An at home birthday party is the perfect opportunity to make the party personal and focus on what matters most.

1. A Life in Pictures

Print a cute picture from every year of their life and create a birthday banner or collage. Children love to be reminded of all the special moments they have had and see how they have grown over the years.

2. Royal for a Day

Make a day of their favourite things. They choose all the meals, TV shows and activities for the day. The family is there to serve the Monarch’s every wish and whim. If you feel your child might let the power go to their head and become insufferable, you could create several Royal Request Cards that they can use to have parents or siblings do their bidding. Yes, Queen.

3Play – “How Well Do You Know Me?”

Have the birthday child write 10 to 12 questions about themselves, examples could include; What is my favourite movie? Who is my best friend? or What bad habits do I have?  They then write the answer for each question.

Each family member tries to prove they know him or her the best by writing down their own answer. All answers are revealed at the same time. The person who gets the most answers right is the winner.

4. Get a Shout Out from Their Favourite Celebrity

A perfect idea for your little fan boy or girl! You can have their favourite celebrity send a virtual birthday message. Cameo.com  has a wide range of athletes, actors, comedians and influencers, waiting in the wings to send out special birthday wishes.

There are family friendly and Gen-Z favourites like Zed from Zombies, Destiny Baker from Bunk’d or King Ben from Descendants (my love for him is ridiculous).

Prices range from $10 to about $375 and right now many celebrities are donating their fees to The Covid-19 Relief Campaign.

5. Pampered in Place

Grab lunch from your child’s favourite local restaurant and create an at home spa day. A little scrub and polish is all it takes and don’t forget the cucumbers. The At Home Mermaid Party is the perfect way to bring the pampering home and it comes with a recipe to make your own coconut body scrub from ingredients you probably have in your pantry right now.


Take it Outside

Feeling a bit cooped up these days? Take the party outside, it will feel like freedom.

6. The Game is Afoot

Have your little Sherlock Holmes solve clues to find their birthday gift. Leave numbered envelopes around the neighbourhood, each with a clue to where the gift is hidden.

7.  Get creative, Get Messy

Bring out some canvases and paints to have your child unleash their inner Bob Ross and create all the happy little trees their little heart desires. Or if abstract art is more their thing, take it outside and stand back while they create their own Jackson Pollack style splatter painting, which I’m sure will sell for millions.

8. Birthday Camp Out

Get away without really leaving the house. Set up a tent in the backyard and fill it with lots of comfy pillows and blankets. Grab your flashlights and get outside for a fun night of camping.

Make hot chocolate and s’mores (you can use the oven, many towns are limiting the use of outdoor fires right now). Sing songs or tell stories around the “campfire” and snuggle in for a good night’s rest in the fresh air. Ahhh nature!

9. Parade Party

Ask friends and family to drive by your house at a specified time to cheer on the birthday boy. They can create signs, throw confetti, honk horns or blow party horns to make it festive.  In some towns you can even get the fire department involved. I’ve seen so many wonderful examples of friends and neighbours coming together to make birthdays special and it just warms my heart. Thank you, good people of Earth.

10. Scavenger Hunt Through the Neighbourhood

Another great way to get the neighbours involved is to have a neighbourhood scavenger hunt. Ask your neighbours in advance to put up signs and pictures in the windows on the special day. As your child walks through the neighbourhood she has to find each of the items to complete the challenge. It could be teddy bears, rainbow pictures or an item specific to the party theme. The At Home Safari Party is the perfect theme for a scavenger hunt. Have your child create their own binoculars and ask the neighbours to post jungle animals in their windows for your little explorer to find.  


Call on the Tech Gods

Technology is your friend, your very aloof friend. Take advantage of all the ways that technology connects us with a virtual party.

11. Netflix and Party

Remember when we used to make excuses to stay home so we could watch Netflix instead. Now Netflix Party brings people together.  Oh, cruel irony.

Host a Netflix movie night or TV viewing party with friends using Netflix Party to connect everyone together.

12. Twist on a Classic

Host a classic birthday party, but virtually. Use Zoom or Skype to bring friends and family together to play party games like charades or Pictionary. Then watch the birthday boy blow out the candles while his friends sing happy birthday.

13. Have a Virtual Mystery Party with Friends

The British company Red Herring Games has downloadable mystery games that can be played with small groups of friends over Zoom or Skype. They have mysteries created specifically for children aged 7 to 10, so there is no murder involved (because murder is wrong).

Each child has a part to play to work through a series of puzzles to solve the larger mystery.

The Mystery Party games cost about $40 Canadian and are instantly downloadable. There are many stories to choose from including the Superhero Mystery which would be perfect with our At Home Superhero Party Kit, just add intrigue.

14. Virtual Sleep Over

Have your child send invitations to a few of her closest friends. With the proper precautions, invitations could include a package of popcorn, face masks and nail polish. Be sure to include a party end time so they don’t stay up all night. Have guests set up their sleeping bags and pillows, get into their comfies and get ready for a kid’s night in!

Watch a movie together using Netflix Party and use Zoom or Skype to tell jokes and play games like Would you Rather. You could offer digital prizes for the best joke or cutest pyjamas.

Show Time

This is no time to limit the use of screens! Incorporate activities from your child’s favourite TV Show or create a show of your own for an unforgettably fun birthday party.

15. Baker’s Choice

My children discovered the show Nailed It over the Christmas holidays so of course we had to incorporate that into the festivities. If your child has a love of baking this is a perfect way to celebrate. First print out a picture of an elaborate cake, provide your bakers with all the ingredients they will need to replicate that cake masterpiece. Bonus - you get to eat what you create.

For Nicole Byer style flare add a panic button to give one team a helping hand or a distraction button where one team is given a time advantage while the other is distracted in some hilarious way.  This party works well with our donut party theme if you want to add to your recipe for birthday sweetness!

Find a cake:  The Party Ever Pinterest page has a ton of amazing cakes for baking inspiration!

16. Minute to Win it!

This game is great because you can use things you probably already have in your house to create challenges your family has to complete in under 60 seconds. Create teams or have the parents compete against the kids. My favourite challenge is the Office Tennis Game, but there are a whole bunch of ideas on the internet. Screens again.

17. All the World is a Stage!

Put on your own show. Have the family come together for a performance just for the birthday boy or girl.  Put on a play, a puppet-show or sing a karaoke song just for them!

Get Fancy

Having a hard time convincing your children to get out of their pyjamas? These more sophisticated party ideas are the perfect excuse to get dressed up, or at least wear fancier pyjamas.

18. Paris is Always a Good Idea

Recreate the city of lights in your living room with an Eiffel Tower created with white Christmas lights. Visit the Louvre for a virtual tour of the world’s most prized art collections and lay out a beautiful indoor picnic, don’t forget the French macarons (also please bring me some).

19. Plie all Day

If your child loves the ballet, take in a performance from the comfort of your couch. MediciTVhas a great selection of ballet performances available online, you can sign up for a month for $12.99 US with no obligation to continue your subscription.

If you have an older child the site Social Distancing Festival has (mostly adult focused) performances from all around the world. One featured ballet is the beautiful but melancholy performance of Joni Mitchell’s The Fiddle and the Drum.

20. Have a Garden Party

Set the stage for something special, with a beautiful garden party in your backyard. Make it a party fit for a Royal with tea and cakes and berries and cream and all things fancy and English.

If your child loves a good cuppa she will love our At Home Fairy Tea Party with sweet vintage plates and fancy paper tea cups.


Just Add Cake

Julia Child once wisely said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” Any of the Party Ever stay At Home Party Boxes are just add cake ready or can be the beautiful building blocks for something more elaborate.

Whatever you choose to do to make your child’s party memorable, I’m here for you!

If you need help planning something special or want to talk through some ideas of your own, I am offering free party planning consultations by email. Let's make some happy kids!

Reach out at erin@partyever.ca

Stay well!


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April 16, 2020


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