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About Party Ever

A mostly true story

I was planning an epic dance party for my oldest daughter’s birthday.

I spent my usual time, one gazillion hours, searching websites and social media for the best ideas and had a great vision for how I wanted the party to look and feel. This was going to be fun!

I planned the sweets with our local baker, created the invitations and went to 10 different stores to gather everything I needed. I found all of the best stuff on Etsy, holy shipping costs, and visited the big box store for a disco light that I had to have, only to be told it was in a store in another town 1 hour away.

The next day I gathered up two overtired and cranky children and drove off on an adventure to said big box store, once I arrived I was told (not politely) that that particular item was only available online. Um, thanks. So to buy a $7 disco light I would need to pay a $17 shipping fee and wait 10 days. I decided not to purchase from them on principle and paid a little more for the light somewhere else.

The day before the party I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning putting all of the favours and decorations together. I went to bed at 2am hoping that I wasn't missing anything.

Half-way through the party I realized I had forgotten to buy cutlery and candles. I literally could not serve the cake. I've been planning parties for years, how could I have forgotten something so crucial?

In my mad dash to buy and do it all I had left out the most important part – kids love cake! I almost had a revolution on my hands. (Like the French Revolution,but backwards, because I wouldn't let them eat cake

I thought, there has got to be a better way to create an amazing birthday experience without all the hassle and unnecessary expense, and that is how Party Ever was born.

Every child, on every birthday should have the best Party Ever  - with candles and everything!