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What if I want a different party theme?

I’ll create a custom party just for you, even if your child asked for a Romeo and Juliet Robot Knitting Party - leave it to us!

How much do custom parties cost?

Custom parties start at $250 and can get as expensive as Blue Ivy’s birthday party (the one with the real live fairies flown in from a magical land only rich people can access). Hey, it’s your money.

How long does it take to create a custom party?

Custom parties often take an extra two weeks, but can take longer depending on the level of detail required. We will work together to make sure that everything is within your budget and time frame. Before anything is shipped you will have a chance to approve the concept and materials.

I have no time, I mean NO TIME, how much of this party am I going to have to do myself?

Depending on the kit, you may need to fluff or fold or cut out some of the printables; we try to keep the busy work to a minimum. You will need to purchase the food and lay everything out awesome-style, but there is a one-stop shopping list and handy dandy guide to help you every step of the way.

I like to DIY, so why should I buy?

These party kits are great because all the hard work is done for you, but you can add your own special details to the mix. I love to see how creative moms can get with their kits, please share the details on our instagram page so I can celebrate with you.

Something is missing from my party kit, what do I do?

I personally check and sign off on every party kit that is sent to our clients, so this should not ever happen, however I am horribly sleep deprived so maybe? If you see that something is missing from your package please email me at erin@partyever.ca right away and I will rush ship you whatever you need.

An item in my party kit is broken, what do I do?

If you see that an item in your party kit is broken please email me at erin@partyever.ca right away and I will rush ship you whatever you need.

If I’m not happy with my party kit can I return it?

Absolutely. Please send your kit back completely intact and unused so that I can burn it in effigy and curse myself for failing you. Unfortunately, custom parties cannot be returned, it’s too hard to get the magic back in the box.